Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mrs. Claus

Santa Skirt


Well, well, well....Tis the season for everything red, green and cold! Who doesn't love the holidays? Haha

Every year around Christmas I am a complete mess. I panic about shopping, spending, eating, baking, gifts, decor, lights...Oh My! I am completely enthralled in the months list of things to do, and wondering when I have time to do it all? 
I usually have an idea of all the things I want to make, and use every opportunity to avoid those, and work on something else. You know what I mean? 

I found this tutorial by, Just Add A Bow on YouTube and was excited to give it a try! I watched the video a few times, and felt pretty confident that I could make this skirt. So I went to Joann's and picked up a few supplies.

This is what you need:

6 inch tulle (any color, on a spool) X2
7/8 to 1 inch ribbon X5
Crochet headband or elastic
Sewing Machine

Make a cardboard ruler or use something to make the length of tulle you need. In my case, my teddy bear has a 19.5" waist. So I needed about 7.5" of tulle in length. I used a 16" ruler, and wrapped the tulle around as many times as possible. Cut it twice, top and bottom.

Now that you have all the tulle pieces cut you will need to cut the ribbons. Each ribbon needs to be cut to 6 inches and then you need to burn the ends to prevent fraying. I used four rolls of white ribbon. 

*Don't forget to use your coupons!*

Sew the ribbons to the ends of each piece of tulle. The ribbon has a natural curl to it...you want to place the curl curved upward onto the sewing machine. 

Chain piece the ribbon to the tulle ends, and repeat on the other side. I did sections of 20 tulle pieces, because I had exactly 40, 6 inch ribbons...two for each piece. I'm not sure how many pieces of tulle I used altogether, but it had to be at least 100!

I went all the way around my Santa Bear tying the pieces of tulle onto the crochet headband. I bought the crochet headband by the yard. However, I would recommend finding the cheaper ones that are sold as headbands. They come in may different colors and stretch to fit most children's waist. It probably took me 3 hours total. I didn't expect to use that much ribbon, so had to make a couple extra stops at the fabric store! I thought it turned out better than I expected?! The possibilities are endless! I was brainstorming some color options, and thought black with black satin, or multi-color with thick ribbon would look adorable for special occasions other than Christmas! Hopefully, my baby cousin will look seasonally precious for her photoshoot and that she loves her big, Santa skirt! 

What are a few things on your "List to Do" this holiday season? 

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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