Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Floral Felt Crowns

Now that it's a New Year and the weather is changing...I have had more time to relax and organize my priorities. I love a new chapter! This is going to be another wonderful year, I just know it.

I've decided to take a break from sewing and quilting to try new things! You have to start somewhere...Which has led me to making pretty felt flower headbands! I can't stop, they are just too cute. This doesn't mean that I have stopped sewing altogether, NEVER! I am always thinking of new business ideas and things to make. It's a never-ending invention wheel in my brain. It can be overwhelming at times, but by staying focused and organized, I can only imagine what's to's exciting!

After looking around, I decided I must try one of these nylon headbands. I already have a pair of nude nylons (never worn, of course) and felt. Whoooo wears nude nylons these days BTW??

So grab some of your favorite felt colors and plug the glue gun in now! The felt is pretty inexpensive. You can pick each piece for $0.39 or get a bundle for $3.99. Let's give this a try!

Step 1-
Use a template of some sort to make a nice circle of felt. I traced a CD, but you can use ball jars, coffee mugs, candles, solo cups...anything! As long as it's at least 3" wide.

Step 2 -
Grab a sharp pair of scissors! Go around the circle in a fancy-puffy way. Or smooth curves. If you choose not to do any fancy cuts, it will look tighter and smaller. Cut a spiral around and around until your circle becomes three dimensional. You will want at least 1/2 inch space between the sides. You will be rolling the ends up to make them blossom.

Step 3 -
Grab the glue gun. As you roll, glue along the bottom edge. Keep going until you get to the end. Watch your thumbs, I kept burning myself while I was rollin. Watch out! Another suggestion would be to purchase a low-heat glue gun. They do exist!

Step 4 -
While the felt flowers are drying. Grab some green felt to make a few leaves to go with your flowers. I used pinking sheers, or you can cut slits on the sides to make it look leafy.

Step 5 -
Cut a pair of nylons into 1 inch bands. Then, glue the felt flowers to the nylon...add a small piece of felt backing to add support and comfort. And that's it! If you don't have nylons, you could also use elastic or crochet headbands. The best part about using nylons, is because one size fits all! You don't have to worry whether it's a newborn baby or adult. I can fit it around my big head without any problems! ;) love it! 

Felt is really addicting and fun! You can cut out different shapes, add embroidery and play with an assortment of coloooors! I used my accuquilt to cut out a bunch of hearts in felt. I added a few special touches on each one by hand sewing! Then, I blanket stitched around the edge and stuffed them to make little heart pillows. I used one of the stuffed hearts to hold a floral headband in place. I plan on gifting it to my niece! 

You can use felt for other things other than headbands, such as:

- gift wrapping
- garland 
- wreaths
- stuffed animals
- baby mobiles
- hair clips
- face masks
- ornaments (check out my advent calendar) 
- birthday crowns
- pillows
- costumes
- poker table
- quilt wall

Whatever you want, really! Next time you are at the craft store, pick up some felt and give it a try. 
If you have any comments or questions, email me at

Do you have any new year's resolutions? Projects that you're holding off? Diet Plans? No more is the time to try something new, step outside of your comfort zone, you never know what will come of it...unless you TRY! 

Happy New Year- thanks for stopping by! 


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