Monday, February 1, 2016

Coming soon!

Well the time has finally come! This year I am launching my first baby clothing line on Etsy. It has been a long time coming, and many people have been asking me when will you start selling your stuff? I have had my apprehensions about whether or not it would be worth it? It takes a lot of love and attention to make well as time. By starting an Etsy store, I know that everyone whooooo makes a purchase will appreciate my hard work and effort. Thank You!

My baby clothing line will comprise of all cute, handmade items that are all different colors, patterns, and themes. Perfect for new moms, baby shower gifts, and little ones. The inspiration comes from my closest friends and family that are soon-to-be mothers! The baby showers, nursery themes and overall need for handmade items never why not share with the world my talents and see what happens. 

It is sew much fun to go upstairs into my little sewing dungeon and work. It isn't work if you love what you do, right?! Sometimes it's better than going out with friends on a Friday night, lol. I am excited to show you all what I have been working on, and encourage you to leave feedback. Positive vibes only, please!

This is what started it all...these precious little rompers are adorable! Have you ever seen anything like it before? 

started crocheting awhile ago and stopped when it became overwhelming. My hands would cramp, I'd sit on the couch for hours, visits to the chiropractor were weekly. It was rough. I still loved every minute of it though. I took a break when I received my first sewing machine for my birthday. This took on a whole new obsession! I started buying fabrics, quilting blankets, sewing bags, pillows, paper-piecing, etc...

Which has led me to these vintage baby bloomers! Sew easy to make, and the outcome is just too cute. I found the pattern throughout the Internet and in books. There are many different patterns out there, so experiment until you are comfortable with what works for you. I have never used bias tape or elastic before, but this would be a good start into making clothing. I even added my own, handmade labels!!! 

Once I have an idea or goal, there is nothing stopping me. I immerse myself completely...almost as if I'm learning another language. Creating and implementing new concepts is in my blood! I can't help it. 

 Follow my Instagram account @owltellyousew to see more pictures of my personal life. The picture above was an attempt at good Etsy branding; trying to market myself as a company. It has received a lot of likes and comments so far on social media. This was the very first crochet romper in grape created, and will be available for purchase soon!! Woooohooooo 

I have been working hard on branding my Etsy store by creating banners, pages, and of course my new blog! This has been a learning experience to say the least. For those of you whoooooo say, "It's too much work", "I don't have any time", "I can't make anything", you're wrong! With today's use of technology it makes it fairly convenient to be an entrepreneur. There are apps, webinars, videos, and blogs out there that have some words of wisdom and excellent tips to follow on becoming successful. 

Additional items to go with my clothing line are simple accessories such as headbands and bandana bibs. These make the perfect pair in baby fashion.

This bandana bib is the perfect accessory for all drooling babies. They are made with 100% cotton and cotton flannel backing, and are super soft! Made with snaps for extra comfort. These bibs can be worn anytime! If you don't want to ruin that nice dress, feeding is messy, it's cold outside, baby is teething, whatever the reason! Don't worry if the bib gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine and tumble low to dry. Done! Not to mention, it's reversible! And this modern-girl owl pattern is super adorbs! I love it, don't you?!

Don't forget about headbands! 

Headbands have been a huge hit this past year for kids. Felt flowers, leather clips, and unicrowns to name a few. After making a few nylon felt headbands in the past, I needed to correlate cotton fabric to match the bloomers. Knot headbands came up and are easy to customize. 

This is a matching pink posey headband to go with the bloomers! It is adjustable and fits most babies with 15-18" head diameters. These are made with elastic for the perfect fit! 

This was my attempt at what they call, a "flatlay." Don't worry, I will try to be more creative. Just getting the right lighting is hard enough! By the way, it took me almost an entire day to wrap that yarn ball. Just kidding, not that long...but it sure felt like it! It happens to be exactly 18.5" in diameter. Perfect! 

That is just a sneak peek as what's to come! I hope you love these items, and look forward to the beginning of a new chapter and being apart of my experience. I am planning on launching my Etsy store on Valentine's Day! It is called, OwlTellYouSew and I am happy to call it my own. Keep an eye out for the launch day! Thank you, thank you for stopping by and come back soon.




  1. I have 2 friends having babies in the next 4 months! I hope your launch date is soon.