Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fat Quarter Folding

I love when you buy a fresh bundle of fat quarters and they look so perfect together. Usually they go in a box stored away for that perfect pattern to come along. Most of the time forgotten...or just hoarded away! This easy folding method is nice to bring your fabrics to life! You can give it as a gift or display until it's ready to be cut and quilted.

First, lay out your fat quarter with the pretty face down and give it a quick press. Fold the bottom to the center and the top to the center. So it looks like this.
Now fold both top and bottom together, so you have a long, thin piece of fabric. (hot dog way) Starting from the right, fold the salvage edge towards the bottom to make a triangle. Fold three times. 
Now for the left side...
The trick is to match how the right side triangle is once you have folded it three times. Start the left side like this. 
Fold three times. Until it looks like the picture below. Add it to your fat quarter set. Doesn't it look cool? 
Once all your fabric is folded you should have a cute matching set to display or give as a gift. 

When you move on to the next piece of fabric, start by folding the right side to match the last set of fabric first. Fold three times. This will make them opposite so they create that tulip shape. Like sew ;)
There is an awesome video tutorial by Me & My Sister Designs on The Fat Quarter Shop YouTube channel. Check it out! The sisters make other things to like patterns, tutorials and fabric! Wow! Dream come true! One of my favorite free patterns is their pillowcase tutorial. It was one of my first sewing projects, and great for beginners.

This fabric is called, Fresh Lilacs by Debbie Beaves and Maywood Studios. I have gotten a lot of use with this bundle. I made over seven boxy pouch makeup bags as bridesmaids gifts. Loved how they turned out. Plus, lilacs are one of my FAVORITE flowers!!! 

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