Monday, October 12, 2015

Great Granny Pillow

This Great Granny Square pillow will be a gift for a friend and new Mom! I'm sure she is super excited and I can't wait to meet the little one myself. Awe! Babies are just sew cute :) 
Before I attempted to make this pillow I asked what her nursery theme was going to be. She said an animal theme, focused on Magenta and Teal as her main colors. Perfect! 
This was the picture she shared. Isn't it adorable? I couldn't wait to get started!
This pattern is from Lori Holt's book, Great Granny Squared. She makes the most amazing quilts and I love how this pattern incorporates a crochet pattern. I only had scraps from a quilt panel (to match) so I decided to make more of a scrappy pillow, instead of a perfect color granny square. The possibilities are endless! 
After this point, I ran to the local craft store and bought a 20 1/2 inch omni grid ruler to square up. I wasn't very confident in squaring up myself. Rulers are awesome! What do you think? This is without the quilting and is really BIG! Bigger than what I had expected, but would look great on a rocking chair or next to a stuffed animal. I ordered a pillow cover that was 26 x 25 for a fuller look. It suggests doing a few inches larger than pillow case. The back is an envelope cover with half magenta minky dot fabric.
I love the scrappy binding! It was supposed to go on the quilt, but I like it better on the pillow. I must admit, I love making pillows now! And will continue to try different colors and patterns. I will show the matching quilt once it is finished. Thank you for stopping by! 


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